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"If we don't get the chance to be ourselves during childhood, to develop self-worth and self-respect, we might spend our entire adulthood searching for it"

- Kirsty Lee.

About Life Through Little Eyes

Life Through Little Eyes started as my way to reflect on my parenting.

Since studying the RIE (Resources in Infant Educaring) philosophy by taking the RIE Foundations Course I wanted to parent my boys with respect. RIE, which focuses on babies under 2 but the principles apply to any relationship of any age, gave me an understanding that babies are born competent and whole.

This way of viewing children helps me to support rather than fix; accept rather than teach and hold connection at the heart of my relationship my with children.

I aim to set boundaries respectfully and respond rather than react. Note the use of the words "I aim"! I believe in saying sorry, letting go and starting again. I parent not with the aim of being a perfect parent but with the aim of connecting human to human, where we all make mistakes, grow, learn and love. ❤

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Hitting…panic no, support yes

I have this first hand in my world at the moment from my 2 year old and lots of Mammy’s seem to be mentioning it. So it made me bury…

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Silence the critical mind…for ourselves and our little people

“The only truth there is, is within ourselves…that gut reaction, that feeling…listen to it”. Why do we ignore the signs and think later…I knew it!! Often we don’t trust ourselves.…

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The wonders that happen when we hold our tongue

There are so many times each day when I could impose my thinking on my little people. Because after all, we’re the adults and our job is to teach isn’t…

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Breathe & remember

By making children feel bad doesn’t make them behave better. A lovely example of this presented itself today. I opened a whole load of Amazon packages for many birthdays coming…

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About Life Through Little Eyes

Life Through Little Eyes is run by me, Jaclyn Morton.

I care about children and I care about society. I believe that what we show our children and the way we speak to them is what they will show us and society.

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"Less is More" Play Sessions

The Less is More Under 2s play sessions are a space to foster independent, self directed play.

This is encouraged by using a range of simple play objects which stimulate the child to use their imagination rather than take a passive role, which many toys with lights and music do.

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Presentations and Workshops

I would love to come to speak to your organisation or event about respectful parenting, or to run workshops on the same subject.

For more details about my next speaking event, please check out my presentations and workshops information.

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