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Primary Age

Hitting…panic no, support yes

I have this first hand in my world at the moment from my 2 year old and lots of Mammy’s seem to be mentioning it. So it made me bury my head  in my respectful parenting books and pull together some stuff which will be helpful for the child. I think responding in the way…

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Silence the critical mind…for ourselves and our little people

“The only truth there is, is within ourselves…that gut reaction, that feeling…listen to it”. Why do we ignore the signs and think later…I knew it!! Often we don’t trust ourselves. We doubt ourselves and listen to others. We grow up being guided by parents and school and then get to an age…perhaps 40! And only…

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Breathe & remember

By making children feel bad doesn’t make them behave better. A lovely example of this presented itself today. I opened a whole load of Amazon packages for many birthdays coming up soon. Mr 4 asked who they were for and we talked through which presents were for which friends. Next thing..from Mr 4…”you didn’t get…

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