"Little known fact: when we sit quietly and are passive, yet receptive and attentive to our children while they play, they feel just as nurtured by our companionship (if not more so) than they do when we are actively involved."

Janet Lansbury, RIE Associate

"I love this group, and really enjoyed observing the little ones sort things out on their own"


"It was such a lovely session. What a rare and humbling experience to sit back and watch the babies interact with each other - to see how they chose to interact with their space and how they managed situations without our intervention. So much trust and respect in the room."

About the "Less is More" Play Sessions

The Less is More Under 2’s play session is a space to foster independent, self directed play, where babies are given the freedom to move and explore and we are given the opportunity to step out of our busy life and watch our babies at work.

The environment is simple: a range of simple play objects which stimulate the child to use their imagination rather than take a passive role, which many toys with lights and music do.

Babies are given freedom to move: babies are invited to lie on their backs rather than use seats or walkers. This gives them freedom to move as they like and grab things they are interested in. This may be a new way of being with your baby however with time and you being present to reassure, they will come to adjust to this.

Toddlers don’t need to share: Often we encourage this because we feel we should! However babies do not understand sharing until they develop empathy around the age of 5. When we don’t step in straight away it is amazing to see how the little ones problem solve and negotiate. Obviously if there was a safety issue we move in close.

Our job is hardest: parents are encouraged to sit back and observe our busy babies at work. We aim to say less so we can observe more (easier said than done!)

Anything goes: This space is for babies to be themselves fully, whatever that looks like. They may just want to watch, they may want to play drums on the empty coffee tin, they may just want a cuddle. All welcome. Shoes and judgment are left at the door.

"An infant always learns. The less we interfere with the natural process of learning, the more we can observe how much infants learn all the time." – Magda Gerber

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