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"Parents and professionals waiting for the next 'achievement' sadly miss the little changes that are happening all the time"

Magda Gerber

Presentations and Workshops

My next workshop will be at The Connective Parenting Conference in Leicester on 29th February 2020:

"Communicating Consciously with our children"

What is our focus when we speak to our children?

Is it to support and build the spirit of our child or is it to get them to  do something or be a certain kind of person?

If we view our child as “naughty” or “rude” or “lazy” we will use language that is often negative and controlling, and the relationship loses out. If we reframe our thinking to “tired” or “struggling” or “curious” we are  more likely to use language to support and build connection.

This workshop will help us to communicate for connection and set boundaries with respect.

The workshop will be focused towards primary age children but is applicable to all ages.

For more information and tickets, please go to

I would love to come to speak to your organisation or event about respectful parenting, or to run workshops on the same subject.

If you'd like to chat to me about how I can get involved, please call me on 07802 589921, or email me at

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