"If we don't get the chance to be ourselves during childhood, to develop self-worth and self-respect, we might spend our entire adulthood searching for it"

- Kirsty Lee

About Life Through Little Eyes

Welcome to "Life through Little Eyes"! I am a Speech & Language Therapist and parent,  with a special interest in how we communicate with children. What we say to our children becomes who they are, our voice becomes our childs inner voice. Without even knowing it, we give messages to our children around who we want them to be, rather than supporting and nurturing who they truly are.

My area of specialism as a Speech and Language Therapist is working with children who stammer and their families. Parent - Child Interaction (PCI) is a well evidenced based approach that I use, with its focus being very much on the way we communicate with our child and how this can lessen the impact of the stammer.

So, I have specialist skills in working with children who stammer, but really I work with parents of all children, on how to connect with the communication we use. Whether a child is struggling with their talking or struggling with co-operation or displaying some anxieties, it comes down to connection through communication.

In meeting children in this way, we show children they are worthy and loveable, even when things get tricky or mistakes are made. In doing this we teach resilience and we teach our children how to have trust in themselves.

If you would like to work with me, please do get in touch and we can have a chat, free of charge, about how we can work together.


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About Life Through Little Eyes

Life Through Little Eyes is run by me, Jaclyn Morton.

I care about children and I care about society. I believe that what we show our children and the way we speak to them is what they will show us and society.

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Presentations and Workshops

I would love to come to speak to your organisation or event about respectful parenting, or to run workshops on the same subject.

For more details about my next speaking event, please check out my presentations and workshops information.

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